Atlantic Synchron Multi MTF

Atlantic Synchron Multi MTF is an advanced Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) available in SAE 75W-80 and SAE 75W-90 grades. The product is designed to service a wide range of Passenger Vehicles fitted with synchronised manual transmissions. Inferior MTF’s can lead to premature synchroniser wear, poor gear shifting performance and ultimately transmission failure.


 Property 75W-90
 API Category GL-4 GL-4
 KV @ 100°C, cSt 17.2 9.5
 KV @ 100°C, cSt (after 20 hour shear) 15.6 8.3
 BV @ -40°C, cP 133000 73880

Pack Size Code
5L TSY00001
20L TSY00002
60L TSY00003
205L TSY00004
1000L TSY00005