Atlantic Dot 3 Brake Fluid is a non-petroleum polyglycol based brake fluid designed for ABS, disc, drum and hydraulic clutch systems where DOT 3 grade brake fluid is specified. It is blended with selective polyglycol/ glycol ethers a corrosion inhibitor and an antioxidant which provides premium braking performance and excellent system component protection.

As brakes systems are pervious to water absorption which subsequently lowers the ERBP of the brake fluid, Atlantic recommends the fluid be replaced every 12 months.

Atlantic Dot 3 Brake Fluid meets FMVSS 116 (DOT 3), SAE J1703, ISO4925 (class 3) and Australian Standard, AS1960.1.

Features and Benefits:
  • Excellent braking response
  • Low water absorption
  • High wet boiling point
  • Corrosion inhibitor increases component life
  • Recommended for ABS, disc, drum and hydraulic clutchessystems requiring DOT 3
  • Compatible with other FMVSS 116 (DOT 3) brake fluids
Specifications / Performance Levels:

FMVSS 116 (DOT 3)
SAE J1703
ISO4925 (class 3)
Australian Standard AS1960.1

Pack Size

Clear: BFDOT3C1
Blue:  BFDOT3C1


Clear: BFDOT3C2
Blue:  BFDOT3C2

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