To satisfy the increased demands placed upon highly worked big block race engines incorporating flat tappet pushrod activated overhead valves, application specific race engine oils are an essential component in maintaining competitive advantage. Many race engines are fitted with oversize bearings subject to increased load requiring high viscosity base oils to protect metal surface integrity. Pushrod activated overhead valves fitted with flat tappets require special consideration as the nature of these units place significant stress on cams.Hydro dynamic lubrication is deficient in protecting cam wear, so the addition of special anti-wear agents is required to maintain acceptable camshaft service life. In consultation with world leading engine oil additive producers, engine builders and competition race enthusiasts, Oils has developed Race Blend 70 to fully satisfy the demands  placed upon highly worked big block race engines.

Race Blend 70 is an SAE 40W-70 high viscosity race oil designed  to offer unsurpassed protection of all race engine components. Advanced multigrade properties ensure fast oil flow during start-up. High viscosity base oils with the addition of special flow enhancers and viscosity modifiers ensure maximum oil film strength for bearings subject to high load even at cold start-up. The addition of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) anti-wear agents offers protection of cams from the abrasive action of flat tappets. Unlike some zinc anti-wear agents which are thermally activated,
Race Blend 70 offers full cam protection even at cold start-up. The addition of proprietary synthetic polymers ensures that upper engine parts retain a protective oil film even after intervals of non-use offering substantial wear reduction during start-up.

Features and Benefits:
  • Multigrade properties with the addition of flow enhancers ensures fast oil flow during cold starts.
  • Group II hydrocracked high viscosity base oils ensures maximum protection of all moving parts especially oversized bearings under high load conditions.
  • The addition of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate protects cams against the abrasive action of flat tappets.
  • The addition of specially selected synthetic polymers ensures all upper engine parts retain a protective oil film, even after periods of non-use.
  • High viscosity properties reduce the effect of lubricant thinning where methanol fuels are used.
Specifications / Performance Levels:

SAE Viscosity: 40W-70

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